Install Inc. had its beginnings as a rigging and millwright service provider and although the company has evolved and expanded over the years, our industrial rigging division still provides the very best in skilled personnel and equipment, both traditional and the latest cutting edge technology to receive, install and/or relocate any type or size of equipment in any environment.

At Install Inc., our rigging division project management team will take your project from concept to completion with comprehensive design, rigging and safety planning, precise execution as well as companion services including precision leveling and alignment, concrete foundations and housekeeping pads, elecrical, piping, controls and start up. No matter what you need to move, regardless of size, weight, or degree of difficulty, let the Install Inc. team of professionals help you get your project completed on time and within budget.


  • Heavy and specialized hauling
  • Power generation, substation, transformer
  • Mechanical system, chillers, air handlers, boilers
  • Turnkey industrial plant equipment installation and relocation
  • Warehousing and machinery storage
  • Containerizing, crafting, packaging, shipping
  • 24 hour emergency response

Recent Projects

Install Inc. Meets Any Challenge

Install Inc. was recruited to install a 31ft 10 inch long chiller into a second floor door opening 10 ft. tall with another building just 21 feet away. Install Inc. agreed to meet the challenge, we then conceptualized a plan and methods for the plan and then Install Inc. made it happen. The drawings and photos below eximplify Install is proficient at formulating and delivering a project from concept to execution.

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